Friday, November 16, 2012

red rain Precipitation Energy Drink Review

There is no actual red rain or precipitation here, but there is a ton of text for the eyes to digest. A lot is needlessly large and most is cliche, following the "Energy drink cans for Dummies" manual to a 't.' The can's color scheme at least resembles the watermelon, but it plays it safe and feels scared to try anything its own.

The brusk carbonation is refreshingly rough, but the same cannot be said for the flavor. It is cheap and one-note, super syrupy sweet without rhyme or reason with the fruit never demanding such saccharinity. It is sugary for the sake of fattening the drinker, thickening into a heavy paste with the can almost empty. There is at least some sourness, but it too is without the care to impersonate the melon, an inaccurate acidity built without ever complementing the namesake. All this obtuseness is bad at first oversimplified sip and only gets worse, an uneducated experience not dissimilar to liquid candy; too much at sixteen ounces!

Each can contains: caffeine (142 mg), various B vitamins, taurine, and inositol. The kick lasted two and a half hours without trouble, but I crashed soon after. In the end, red rain Precipitation is without the care the unique flavor suggests and demands.

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Brad Porter said...

I also thought this taste like watermelon candy.

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