Monday, November 26, 2012

Hiro Thermo Drink Review

Hiro Thermo is not by any means an energy drink, with its disappointing caffeine content of only fifty milligrams. But like the Celsius the product is developed for calorie burning, which is as vague a term as those stupid "hydration" beverages. Hiro's can is not bad, though, with a rather unexciting design that does little to stand out, but is generally unoffensive and at at times is nearly attractive. There should be more emphasis on the fire that engulfs the cave drawn man, and there should definitely be less cluttering text.

Color me surprised by being fairly impressed with its taste. There is a major focus on a mild pear flavoring and the sweetness does an adequate job presenting the fruit authentically. The sugars are all false, with its less than one gram content, but the blend of ace-k and sucralose do a generally admiral job. Guava is in heavy prominence throughout the experience, and it harmonizes gently and comfortably with the neighboring flavor. The saccharinity applauds the newest fruit, and fluid leaves a mild syrupy coating that thickens slightly, and it gives the guava faint textual depth. There is an odd cooling mint sensation that is not unlike the Slap line, though it is far more subtle and it seems to censor any aftertaste by the previously praised artificial sweeteners. The emollient carbonation is allows for a smooth mouth feel and easy and relaxed sipping, which causes the bottom of the can to be reached a bit too quickly. Overall, Hiro Thermo's taste is by no means paradisaical, but it is surely enjoyable to a point, and it never loses its unadulterated purity of flavors.

Kick, what kick? Hiro Thermo is intended to consume calories, and the meager fifty mg of caffeine does little to impress even the most virgins of the white crystals. Whether or not a can could burn off that stick of butter you just (somehow) ate is entirely debatable, and it is no wonder the companies claims are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All in all, why Hiro Thermo existence is controversial, and for me to proclaim any criticisms is pointless, especially since it is not exactly an energy drink.

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