Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monster Dub Edition Baller's Blend Energy Drink Review

Dub Edition Baller's Blend is one of three new flavors from the monster of a company, although there has not been much news about this variety. It was not until another critic reviewed it that I was aware it even existed, which is surprising since the brand is so big. Its can looks good however, easy to read and attractively balanced, but it weakly pushes being an energy punch, and there just is not much personality this time around.

The carbonation is tired and the mouthfeel resembles any child's fruit punch, equally sugary but never syrupy. Each sip is somewhat sour, but it is a complementing acidity to each of the few fruits blended. The brew is mostly of cherry and mango, fair flavors that impersonate the produce well. They are treated well by the mighty saccharinity, but the red stemmed sphere overshadows the foreign fruit. Cranberry is noted but dulled beyond rescue, lifeless and stale on the palate. Lime is present and thankfully distracts from the just former and wakes up the experience, a suggestion that benefits from a following orange taste. It is a bit sweeter and less tart, but stronger and really broadens the complexity. But there is not much else to this punch, a painless but restricted union of usual flavors.

Each can contains 200 calories, fifty grams of sugar, and an energy blend of: caffeine (160 mg), guarana, ginseng, taurine, inositol, and B vitamins. The kick lasted three and a half hours, a potent buzz with some jitters and something of a following crash. Overall, Monster Dub Edition Baller's Blend is harmless, but is also one of the more predictable and safe varieties from the company.

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