Friday, November 30, 2012

Red Bull The Silver Edition Energy Drink Review

The name "silver" does not imply much of a flavor, and is reads awkwardly as the second color. Its can is okay though, sleek but monotone thanks being only two shades of one dull color. And although its is good to see the company finally releasing something other than a redundant sugar free drink, it is a shame it is still only eight ounces.

Absent of any medicinal and expected "Red Bull stank," but there is little else here for the nose to play with. On the tongue is not too different, being a one-note lime spritzed with hints of equally uncomplicated grapefruit and tempered suggestions of lemon. They are impressively balanced but could use more depth, and even as the only true flavors, they are so mild they easily go unnoticed. Twenty seven grams of sugar sweetens well without becoming cloying or syrupy. The texture is actually loosely powdery, a hardly pronounced touch that shows how playful the fruits are, especially the preponderating citrus. At a limited eight plus ounces, you never demand too much more nor does the flavor become too long in the tooth. For a pleasant but straightforward experience, the size is just right.

Each can contains: caffeine (eighty milligrams), taurine, B vitamins, and inositol. This is a blend that has not stood the test of time, being far too impotent for those accustomed to more ingredients and quantities. In the end, Red Bull The Silver Edition is an unexpected extension to a military-strict line, and as it is, a modestly sized drink, it is not half bad.

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