Sunday, December 2, 2012

+Red Rescue Elixir Review

Blunt and easy to read, +Red Rescue comes in a pretty cool matte can. It fails to explain exactly how a 'rescue elixir' is separate from energy drinks, a gimmick surely a transparent attempt at being unique (I guess it perks you up once you crashed from their Power Elixir). Its main point of creativity however, is the top of the can, a two-piece piece of plastic, the white top popping off and the red ring not. It looks cool but is ultimately just plastic, but at least it distracts from the usually distracting shrink-wrapped label.

The aforementioned red ring makes it needlessly difficult to crack open the can, and ended up being one of the more creative ways my Swiss-Army knife came in handy. Pouring out a diaphanous red, the promised 'berry citrus' taste was what we got, an effervescent and earthy elixir of raspberry and lemon. There is some cranberry present as well, some lime too, sweet flavors all with realistic bites and piercing impressions of the fruits themselves. Most notably natural is the tartness, strikingly strong and almost bitter, a great positive that brings more than enough depth to the already exemplary experience.

There is caffeine, in unknown amounts, as well as taurine, inositol, B vitamins, electrolytes, magnesium, and red superfood (in the form of yesoensis ueda). The kick lasted two or so hours, nothing particularly impressive for a twelve ounce drink. There was no jitters or following crash, which was expected from something designed to rescue. On the whole, +Red Rescue Elixir's "rescuing" quality is nothing but an underexplained artifice, but I would crack open a can any day for the flavor.

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