Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tweaker Mango Peach Energy Shot Review

The first "extra strength" Tweaker shot seen, this Mango-Peach flavor has a '3' hovering towards the top (whereas previous varieties had a '2'). There is no indication as to what it means; there are "two" servings, not three, and this certainly is not their third such flavor. The rest of the bottle is not much better, a messy salad of bland backgrounds and useless text, nothing worth the extra fifty cents paid over the former variety's ninety-nine cent price tag.

The first sip reveals a surprisingly authentic mango taste, thanks to its conservative sweetness, although not as robust or deep as the actual fruit. Equally strong is a peach flavor, tantamountly sweet but is far duller a mimicking. It feels hollow on the tongue, benefiting nothing being so small and from simulating the Chinese export without any actual juice. The shot is initially only slightly sour, but the acidity thickens quickly by the time that sip reaches the back of the tongue. By the last drop the tartness is sharp and piercing, still somewhat appropriate for the fruits but does diminish some of their opening realism. It is a bit of an underdeveloped flavor, but is a bit more complex an experience than expected.

Each bottle contains: B vitamins, caffeine, ginseng, yerba mate, green tea, and some other words too long or convoluted to type. There is a solid three plus hours of energy here, a satisfying buzz to a fairly satisfying shot.

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