Thursday, December 6, 2012

XS Black Cherry Cola Blast Energy Drink Review

A black background is unquestionably appropriate for this black cherry cola variety of XS, although one cannot help but think of Coke Zero or Pepsi Max, not their cherry counterparts. But for the line, this can is surely some of their best yet, still too small but clean and advertises itself without consumer uncertainty.

Although neither Pepsi Wild Cherry or Coca-Cola Cherry would be jealous, XS has brewed up something that stands out both for the line and energy drinks in general. There is a whole lot of cherry to every sip, followed obviously by a rather mundane cola. It tastes somewhat muddled being diet, but fortunately the flavor is never the center of attention. You mostly realize only the aforementioned fruity flavor, but it is spry and refreshingly cold on the tongue thanks to the popular soda enactment. The sweetness adequately facsimiles the real stuff, but while it would never be mistaken for actual sucrose, there are plenty of potations that are far less sufficiently simulating. Overall, XS has already both a cola and a cherry variety, but neither taste tastes as complete on their own.

Each can contains what every XS has in the past: caffeine, herbs, B vitamins, and taurine. The energy flowed for only two hours, before the tantalizing allure of something more potent was too much. On the whole, Black Cherry Cola Blast is a unique flavor that XS did well.

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