Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Runa Original Clean Energy Drink Review

There is not much here, a clean can for sure, but one that has a passive interest in keeping you interested. Contrary to most drinks these days, the small eight ounces has a belligerently interminable look who's visual disinterest loses to any other drink on the shelf. Their efforts are appreciated, but there is such a thing as excessively modest.

Remember how I just criticized the drink for its diminutive serving size? With the first sip, well, I am singing a different tune. Flavored with Amazon guayusa, this coarsely carbonated experience drinks with pungent nuance of earth and vehement bitterness. Like black black tea, i.e. black tea without sugar or cream, there is a total truancy of sweetness and any real flavor. Refreshingly brisk and thick with risk but far too niche, drinking Runa is like having a mouth full of plants and soil.

Each can contains only a few ingredients: carbonated water, guayusa, flavors, citrus acid, and 120 milligrams of caffeine. The latter is all I care about, producing a feeble kick that lasted three hours- only because it takes so long to stomach something so its own.

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