Thursday, May 9, 2013

Java Monster Kona Cappuccino Energy Drink Review

This golden can is striking and stark, with tribal details and heavy on the personality. It found no problem standing out against the flooded shelves of Monster drinks, even in the top right hand corner, my eyes still went straight to it. Just what is so special about this flavor is unascertained and avoided in the loosely unique and completely cliche text that the company always forces onto the back of every variety.

For a cappuccino, the coffee is mild with etherized notes of nothing, drowned in a sea of puissant sweet creaminess. There is at least traditional fattiness to each sip, an impressively unyielding lardaceousness that bodes nicely if unoriginally to the sinewy saccharinity. The latter is derived both from glucose and sucralose, a blend balanced so well with absolutely no syrupiness or artificial aftertaste. The persuasive aroma of actual coffee catches you by great surprise, so it is unfortunate that even the nitrogenated artifice goes unnoticed, and that the flavor is ever so routine.

Now an energy drink instead of an energy "supplement," we now can see the caffeine content: 188 milligrams. Each can contains taurine, ginseng, guarana, inositol, l-carnitine, and B vitamins also. In conclusion, Kona Cappuccino tastes just like every other Java Monster, and is worth purchasing only for the admittedly cool can.

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Ramstein said...

Your vocabulary is amazing. However, if you wrote this to the masses who are not English majors or bibliophiles, then your readers wouldn't have to look up every sixth word or really want to get a better view. Just my 2 cents.
I can see the next comment will pertain to my intelligence. I actually graduated with an IT degree with a 4.0, and have an IQ of 120. Chill out on the thesaurus .

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone is full of it :)


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