Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lighter Spider Widow Maker Energy Drink Review

Pink with contrasting blackness creates perfect ambiance to this clean and sharp can. The text is balanced with knowledge of what is important; the slogan up top is ignored in favor of the darker logo, feeding your eyes down into its diet declaration and flavor, or variety name rather.

Pomegranate tops off the gentle flavors of raspberry and acai, faded and mispronounced juxtaposed to the former. They have the combined texture that is both powdery and mossy, a playful but dimensionless presence on the palate. Lamentably the experience overall is the same; the precedent tastes are shoal and shallow, forcibly false flavors who sit static on the tongue. The saccharinity is impressive however, so dynamic without even a hint of artificiality that it is a shame it is stuck sweetening such a stagnant drink. Every sip is indistinguishable from the last, a monotonous experience that tastes darn good. Does it make sense? It does not have to, and it does not.

Each can contains: caffeine (240 milligrams), taurine, ginseng, guarana, l-carnitine, and many B vitamins. The kick is four hours strong but induced jitters, but fortunately no crash. Drinkers: this is a really decent drink, potent, great looking, and good tasting. But I would never drink it again. Conflicting? Yes it is.

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