Monday, May 13, 2013

Xenergy + Lemonade Raspberry Energy Drink Review

The fashion in which this variety is written insinuates towards "Lemonade" being sub-line, this being the Raspberry flavor in that line. That being true of course, but "Lemonade Raspberry" is an awkward read, and the way the top text is written pretends that lemonade is more than just lemony sweetness.

This fifteen and a half ounce can presents a playful aroma, and although the fruits are sweet with adequate realism, both begin with mild blandness and collapse in watery disappointment. The sourness is initially obtuse but sharpens as the sip is sipped, a performance so honest you can almost feel the pulp as the drink splashes between teeth. But with a berry consistently understated and a citrus so decidedly sober, these unfortunately underemphasised flavors are stark contrasts to the potent tastes of Xenergy's of years past.

There is a decent little kick here, something around two and a half, maybe three hours long, jitter free and without a crash afterward. Each can contains: caffeine (155 milligrams), inositol, guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins. With a standard buzz and difficultly deadened taste, I cannot recommend this even if sampled for free (as in my case).

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