Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pompis Primo Energy Drink Review

Where does one even begin? The can is bright, that is for sure, but the name "Pompis" is questionable and stupid, written with confusion but without flair. We can surmise that this is the "Primo" variety, but that means nothing to anyone outside the now defunct company.

Citrus scents pour out of the opened can, dry and influenced chemically. Then we sip; lime is most noted, tart and powdery with just enough sweetness to keep you from puckering. The green fruit is the star of the beverage, with melon and lemon most forgettable supporting actors. The former adds only minor and trite character to the experience, although its citrus anagram offers a little more, something of a softer fruitiness. Sixteen ounces of blissful simplicity, Pompis Primo is a cheap, clearanced thrill.

Every can contains: caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and inositol. Any buzz lasted three hours, a little too jittery for comfort but ended without any crash. Overall, buy this Pompis for its novelty and flavor if you can get the chance.

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Alicia Haase said...

Where can pompis be bought?

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