Monday, January 20, 2014

Mtn Dew Kickstart Limeade Review

A fresh coat of paint truly livens this design, even when the basics remains identical. The lone gradient is awesome, as is the complementing color scheme, giving things a darker, cooler feel. This is a much edgier piece of aluminum than its ancestors, although limeade is even further astray from breakfast than was fruit punch.

Sips are powerfully effervescent, pleasant but playing almost too roughly. They splash the tongue with the tart taste of lime, a hint of artificiality beneath its sweetness. The can hails the inclusion of electrolytes are for taste, but they do not seem to add anything to the experience. Resembling your traditional Mtn Dew considerably more than its predecessors, less saccharine and a heck of a lot less syrupy with a slightly more substantial mouthfeel. This is a more mature, almost craft soda take on the famous citrus pop, only not as good as it should be.

As much an energy drink as its parent brand is, the ninety two milligrams of caffeine never feels like enough. The weak kick harks way back to the company's infamous MDX days, as does the taste and, well, everything else, with about as much overall appeal.

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