Sunday, January 12, 2014

AJ's Rush Energy Sugar Free Review

These reviews require much more motivation to write then they deserve; sugar free variants of awful energy drinks. This time it is AJ's Rush Sugar Free, an expensive twelve ounce beverage sporting a decidedly retro can who's naked aluminum dominance should be distressing. It is not, actually, I kinda like it.

Each flat sip soaks the palate with the synthetically sweet taste of hard tap water, full of all sorts of faint funky and offsetting nuances. The typical suspects are principally absent, flavors like apple and vanilla, and even the compulsory gummy mouthfeel is proscribed from an experience who could really use some character. The nutrition facts lists carbonated water but my tongue tells otherwise, every mouthful painfully listless. Without flavor or effervescence, AJ's Rush Sugar Free is essentially canned caffeinated water.

Each twelve ounces contains: taurine, inositol, caffeine, and B vitamins. The buzz is mediocre but lacks the sugar crash present in the original. In all, AJ's Rush Energy Sugar Free is twice as good as the sugared version, but you know what two times zero is.

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