Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bullet Energy Drink Review

2014 is in full effect, yet we start the new year off with a crap Red Bull wannabe leftover from the energy drink stone age. Bullet debuts in an appropriate "bullet" can, a tiny eight ounces painted blue with little flair or personality. Sure, the crosshair is a nice touch, but everyone knows you cannot spell "bullet" without "Bull." Red Bull that is.

This odoriferous beverage is equally foul on the tongue, gummy and sticky to sip with the horrendous tastes of vanilla and apple who will overwhelm any drinker. There is minimal sourness but instead super sweetness, with the ordinarily petite eight ounces proving too much. If anything, Bullet does finish cleanly, perhaps with some sweetness left on the palate, but that is where the positives begin and end.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, 120 calories, and seventy nine milligrams of caffeine. If you have any experience with energy drinks, you know how this poor potation preforms; an hour or so long kick of pathetic strength, but at least without a crash. Altogether, this is everything wrong with Red Bull clones in one small package; ugly, disgusting, and weak.

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Pitt Viper said...

Awesome reviews thanks you for your insight and opinion on the drinks

Louise Chavis said...

I have Bullet when it frist came out kept it for sorvior it have silver bullet cap on top

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