Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sinister Original Energy Drink Review

This crackling can leaves quite a bit of dead space for such a "sinister" drink. Too much room is dedicated to the banal bright blue up top, and both fonts suffer from opposite misfortunes. The actual name of the drink is infamously problematic to read (there was a long time where the first 'i' read 't'), and the rest of the text lacks any creativity and is wildly generic.

Is this a Red Bull clone? Not quite, but it certainly is not very good. 260 calories breaks your wasteline in a drink ever too sweet, tasting of blue raspberries and cotton candy. The fruit has vague blueberry nuance in a feeble attempt at depth, but nothing in any sip ever resembles nature; hell, even real cotton candy is not this saccharine! But the velvety carbonation stimulates large gulps against all reason; I sat here repulsed at the sugar vulgarity only to finish the can expeditiously, lusting another. Guilty pleasure? This certainly fits the bill.

Each can contains: taurine, ginseng, B vitamins and 159 milligrams of caffeine. The kick lasted around two hours, littered with jitters and one heck of an old school crash.

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