Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sin Thirst Sin Maca & Rose Energy Drink Review

A worthy trip to my local Big Lots unveiled several new energy drinks, including two in this Sin Thirst Sin line. The faded pink fails to liven the colorless can, a small eight ounce transport uninteresting with an abstruse name.

Pinch your nose as you sip; this is one mephitic beverage. Only the brave will stand the scent, but everyone will enjoy the balanced fusion of subtle lemon and strawberry, spiced with ginger and spiked with sweetness. Caressing carbonation confirms swift depletion of the single serving, complementing the soft flavors with synthetic sugars who never breath in any chemical nastiness. A delicate exercise in sophistication, Sin Thirst Sin Maca & Rose is a drink unlike many others, and very much worth the fifty cents paid.

Each can has B vitamins, caffeine, horny goat weed, guarana, and vitamin c, among others. There is not much energy here, something like an hour or so long of a weak buzz. My pork sword never escaped its sheath either, although the Misses knows that phenomenon all too well. Overall, Sin Thirst Sin Maca & Rose desperately needs a clearer image and greater potency to ever preform contently in the market. As in, there is a reason this was at Big Lots.

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L CM said...

at $.50, well worth it

Anonymous said...

Do you know of any other place that sales it? I have been searching everywhere.

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