Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mtn Dew Kickstart Black Cherry Review

The crayon maroon color complements the black, working particularly well with the gradient. The red is bright and creamy but much too adolescent for the aggressive design.

Inviting perfumes lead to the sweet bliss of black cherry, a flavor startlingly balanced and enjoyable from the Mtn Dew company. The beverage's trivial juice content of five percent is from the bulking white grape, and there is even the infamous HFCS that turns soda into syrup. None of that matters here; every sip is emotionally sweet for only all the right reasons, candying a brusk fruit into an innocently surfaced experience, complete with the delicate depth of a tart underbelly. This is an honest energy drink, as complicated but considerably more sophisticated than you would ever expect from the brand.

Eighty calories and ninety two milligrams of caffeine are contained in the sixteen ounce transport, skimpy enough of food energy but flaccid when it comes to a buzz. A stronger pop than energy drink and occupies a awkward place between the two, Mtn Dew Black Cherry Kickstart never really starts kicking.

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Brad Porter said...

I thought this didn't have much of a cherry taste to it.

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