Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sin Thirst Sin Hemp & Lemon Energy Drink Review

Spiritless silver flirts sophistication with its regal graphics, but what business does the green have here; the flavor is "lemon" and not "lime." Maybe it is colored after that of hemp. Its sober visuals and textured can try far too hard to make this the premium energy drink it wants to be; it is too small and obscure to have had any chance escaping that infamous orange price tag.

Pheromones of the equally sinful Stacker 2 Sinful Citrus flood from the opened can, keeping alive the brand's tradition of ugly odors. Graciously, the flavor here is decent; indeterminate citruses miff its dull pear and pineapple suggestions. All sips taunt tongues with something of a nutty nuance, but this is far too relaxed an experience to provoke such depth. Tartness and feisty effervescence justify the stolid saccharinity, although its artificialness is nobly camouflaged. Every ounce is spent pondering rather than enjoying. Then at the bottom of the can, when you have gathered your thoughts on what flavors make up the flavor, you never truly form an opinion on it.

Vitamin C, caffeine, guarana, horny goat weed, B vitamins and some others make up this energy blend. The buzz lasted an hour, two if bribed, and my beef bayonet demonstrated no more moment than he typically does. As an herbal soft drink you could not do much better. Fact is, this dissimulates as an energy drink, and that is how it gets a thumbs down.

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