Friday, August 8, 2014

Vuka Workout Zo-Cal Energy Drink Review

Four years since Vuka last rested in my palm, and not much has changed. Two sugar free variations now exist, with silver trim for distinction. Today we are looking at the diet Workout adaptation, a waistline friendly adaptation of their berry lemonade. Its design is playful and charming, something you have fun looking at while taking it seriously. The resealable aluminum is a woefully underused artifice, giving this crimson can a terrific first impression.

Stevia sweetens, for better or worse- scratch that, it is for worse. Each sip is an unenthused hodgepodge of oblique fruits, neutered of the citrusy or berry flavor promised on the attractive five cent returnable. They are exchanged for an astringent earthiness from the honey alternative, something that might ironically work better with a greater saccharinity. Its harsh effervescence grates the throat, leaving the palate tender to the burn of the bored bitterness. Surely this must taste like something specific, but your tongue could only hope and lust. Dead strawberry buried in all the unfortunate aforementioned, linked languidly to cranberry and some cherry. Lemon is represented even less, as it was with the original, but without any sourness, its stamp on the can is all the more inconsequential. This Vuka is a vexatious version that simply did not have to be. Made, that is.

Each can contains: B vitamins, potassium, and caffeine (160 mg). Two and a half hours is all one should expect here, a decent boast nothing new from an energy drink. In the end, Vuka Zo-Cal Workout is a disturbingly disappointing affair, surprising considering the original was only adequate.

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