Saturday, August 16, 2014

RuckPack Energy Shot Review

This is not my favorite bottle; its confidence is clear as is its theme, but no angle is obviously the main one. The prolix shrinkwrapped plastic canister is fairly unique to hold, and is appreciatively a rather creative premise for a shot, but my pictorial praises end there.

Is it blood orange? Maybe, if you simmered it to a bubbling syrup and took a sip. A sourness where lips pucker with pleasure, its acidity would make Sour Patch Kids envious. Fructose sweetens and we love every moment of it, giving swigs fantastic weight on the tongue, even with the bitterness of Stevia in each gulp. Hell, it does not just camouflage the earthiness, it high fives it! The dual saccharinity is more mature than anticipated, far more balanced in a way Vuka Workout Zo-Cal never was. From two ounces, there is zero complexities or nuance, an experience experienced in seconds. But make this a pint, and we could have something here.

Each bottle does not contain caffeine. Let us make that clear. It is what makes the taste so tasty, but should prove to be a madly segregating decision. Actual ingredients include: B vitamins, vitamin C, D, and a slew of loquacious supplements. Its kick was different, like drinking OJ while suffering from a cold, and will not replace an average Joe's morning joe. Overall, RuckPack Energy Shot will have its fans and haters, with me leaning more towards the former.

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