Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Loop Lemonade Energy Drink Review

A generic entry into the useless realm of hydrating lemonade energy drinks, this one from K-Mart is a true sight for sore eyes. Though auspiciously absent is any "rehab" synonym, the positives end directly there. Yellow dominates the can with aggression not passion, an ugly shade desperate for anything of a complementing color. What ever the graphic towards the middle is does not work; vague and uninteresting and adding only more ugliness.

Nothing to the nose and less to the tongue, the jaded excuses for lemon barely escapes the watery tempest of each sip. Sweetness is laughable, two grams of HFCS feebly tries exciting an average ace-k and sucralose blend; sugariness so diluted it does not taste intentional. The body is slippery, oily and greasy, unpleasant to sip as it is to chug. The sole saving grace does no saving; tartness is the law of lemonade and is present of course, but taunts and laughs as you lust for stronger sourness. Loop Lemonade is a lot like pulling teeth, albeit with Novocaine; a rather painless consequence for your own stupidity, but there surely are more productive uses for your time and money.

The kick lasted two and a half hours, energy uninspired and completely routine. Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and caffeine (160 mg). Overall, to call Loop Lemonade a disappointment is an insult to drinks we have actual expectations for.

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