Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Caffeine Vape Stix Review

From the makers of the peculiar Energy Shisha comes this smaller but more potent offering, a build with the feel of a pen cartridge. Its matte finish is slippery to hold but far less ostentatious than its predecessor. Its packaging however, despite the perforated back, was not as convenient to dig into than it should.

The flavor? Analogous to the original, if only more saccharine. But it is more than that- the obligatory vanilla propitious in the creamy fog of each draw, steam steeped with an apple tartness for something more than nuance. Each puff satisfies the palate with vapor tasting of something other than tobacco, but every expelled cloud lacks the weight of true cancer sticks. A trademark of all electronic cigarettes? I do not know, you would have to ask a quondam smoker. But there is such novelty to each drag of this svelte cylindrical, and that is where this won me over.

Twice the caffeine as its bigger brother, with probably equal quantities of taurine. Ten inhales and my morning craving was satiated, though throughout the day this was often found dangling from my lips. Overall, Caffeine Vape Stix may be the true replacement for your morning coffee and cigarettes. Probably not your caviar, though.

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Father of the Boys said...

I've seen these and was interested in trying, but I'm not a smoker. How do you think a non-smoker would take to using this product?

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