Monday, September 1, 2014

Liquid Ice Blue Energy Drink Review

Cans twice the size of Liquid Ice Blue argue the purpose of this eight ounce antiquated aberration. You can even buy this drink in larger transports, no doubt too leave drinkers crestfallen by this petite adaptation. The design is decent but corporate, though all the necessary text glows wonderfully off of the creamy azure background.

There is a proclivity of such small drinks, promoted as mixers, to be Red Bull clones. What do we have here? Blueberry- not fresh off the bush mind you, rather persuasively sweet and slightly sour with immature grace. It is a buoyant beverage, with dancing carbonation and bubbly fruitiness. Zero complexity is forgiven with an exchange for candy influence, some stilted citrus symbolism and powdery tartness thrown in for fun. My tongue argues pomegranate and cherry, perhaps agave, play in each sip, pointless protest in a flavor this outrageously innocent and puerile. Liquid Ice Blue is a sweetmeat soft drink for adults; a simplistic and effervescent experience that commits against depth despite its presence.

Each can contains: caffeine (eighty milligrams), inositol, taurine, and B vitamins. The kick lasts an hour, not ending in a crash but gave me slight jitters. Overall, I venerate Liquid Ice Blue's taste, but not its can or kick.

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