Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Energy Shisha Caffeiated Electronic Shisha Review

Myself a leisure smoker of only the cheapest cigars, this eccentric and eclectic electronic caffeinated cigarette, or shisha if you will, certainly caught my attention in more ways than one. Its packaging, however, while feeling fine in the hand, requires more than appropriate persuasion to keep the flaps shut.

Tobacco free, only the surprisingly decent taste of Red Bull shines through in each puff as it exits either your nose or mouth. There is not much in the way of sweetness, but there is a roasted bitterness that bodes outrageously with the act of taking a drag. You get the acidity of the flavor it mimics, some of the vanilla and some of the apple too. But not any of the many available hits are taken to experience the flavor; you play with the aberrant vapor, watch it with playfully with innocence, a new toy for any (18+) kid.

20 puffs amounts roughly to a can of an energy drink, or so the site says. But is that drink an old school eight ounce can, or a standard sixteen ounce can? And even then, the vague declaration leaves more questions than it answers, although there are up to 300 hits per stick so, you will eventually get a rockin' buzz, right? Overall, with all the controversy with electronic smoking devices in the news lately, any caffeine critic must worry about this being more fuel to the fire in the media's ceaseless war against energy drinks. That does not stop it from being pretty fricking cool, though.

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Anonymous said...

ordered two weeks ago still being promised delivery. very chaotic ordering system and no one in customer services has any interest in returning calls or delivering goods.

Half&Half said...

two guys working for the company came up to me while in a local hookah store. i was a bit hesitant at first but it sounded like a great idea so i got a couple for me and my girlfriend. to start, these things are delicious. they taste like a monster and redbull mixed. i LOVE energy drinks so this was pretty exciting. they told us no more than 4 puffs per minute because its pretty concentrated. i didnt feel much and im caffeine sensitive. after about 20 to 30 puffs i finally felt something but nothing like a can of monster or redbull. this may have a different effect on some people but i honestly didnt get much of anything for an energy buzz.

Taste: 9/10
Effect: 2/10
Battery life: 9/10
Overall: 5/10

all in all if they just improve on the energy portion of this it can be a GREAT product for those needing a quick energy fix at work or before the gym!

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Anonymous said...

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