Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hydrive Citrus Burst Energy Drink Review

Newly renovated top to bottom, er, well, aside from the same bottle, Hydrive Citrus Burst is now considerably kinder on the eyes. The fonts are a tad generic however, and the orange belt opaques much of the white text atop it, but the packaging is nonetheless a significant improvement.

Although the flavor is promised to taste differently, the company did not provide samples for comparison. Tisk tisk. But going off of my incredible memory (and my review), this time around there is sharper orange flavor, sweeter and generously more tart. The orange is actually more of a citrus cocktail, evincing a complex punch with piquant tangerine and mango notes, and numb lime and guava examples. But the flavor is not all to discuss here, with its non-effervescent artifice and impressive thirty calorie count. First, let us discuss the former; it mimics orange juice much the way Sunny D does, complete with a viscous mouthfeel that impersonates the mild pulp of morning classic justly. Lastly, we shall moot the latter; much like Dr Pepper Ten or the new AMP updates, this sucrose/sucralose hybrid gives all you want, and don't want, from both real and sham sugars.

Each bottle has something like 160 milligrams of caffeine, some B vitamins, taurine, and vitamin A. The kick is decent, 'bout what we are all used to from the axiom approximate sixteen ounce serving. Overall, in the words of my biggest literary inspiration, I give this a thumbs up.

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