Friday, November 1, 2013

Archer Farms Sugar Free Grapefruit Energy Drink Review

Two colors with an uninteresting bottom texture, Archer Farms Sugar Free Grapefruit Energy Drink is hard on the eyes. Despite losing weight since we last met, the can is no more sleeker, an almost parody design that most definitely struggles appealing to drinkers.

The palate tastes nothing until you force the platitudinous potation down, when meager mentions of grapefruit shine past the watery cascade not unlike the cheapest of economy adjunct beers. Effervescence is stock and sweetness is archaic, both brightening, but never for the better, with each of the too many sips to this twelve ouncer. I originally pleasured the taste here, back in '08. I guess my standards have risen since. Risen damn high.

The kick is not helped by the product's wight lose, kicking like anything clocking in below 100 milligrams of my namesake stimulant. There is also ginseng, B vitamins, and guarana, but you have probably already thrown the can back on the shelf. To end, Archer Farms Sugar Free Grapefruit sucks.

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