Saturday, November 9, 2013

Monster Ultra Red Energy Drink Review

Spotted unexpectedly on a dive convenience store shelf, Monster Ultra Red is the latest variety in the company's "Ultra" line, but you would never know it unless you just happened upon a can or their website. This crimson caffeinated cocktail completely slipped my radar, which means if an industry critic was unaware, so is the general public.

Reeking not unlike its blue brother, Ultra Red sips quite similarly too, the distinct chemical bite of the brand tangoing tolerably with a bland fruit punch blend. There is confused citrus highlighting caliginous cherry and cranberry flavors, all rather brisk and bright despite the potion's poor effervescence. Things are sweet but glaringly unsatisfyingly so; each sip showcases the synthetic sugar system's lack of artificial taste, or aftertaste, but your tongue just knows that its best friend sucrose is not at the party. But that is not to say this is an ignominious experience; it is probably one of Monster's best diet offerings, just one hell of a nebulous one.

Each can contains: caffeine (140 milligrams), B vitamins, taurine, panax ginseng, guarana, and inositol. The three hour mark is barely broke here, a undistinguished buzz as iconic to the brand as the brand is itself. On the whole, Ultra Red is the newest mediocre extension in this self-cannibalizing brand.

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Brandon J. Rose said...

Try it a few more times and see if it changes your view on things. I thought the same at first, but I find it gets less nebulous with subsequent indulgences.

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