Sunday, November 17, 2013

SportMax Energy Shot Review

In the vein (or artery?) of 5-Hour Energy, SportMax Energy is a messy shot that contains far too much text to expect any casual consumer to read. I had to though, this is my job, but I can report that it is the same gibberish that my eyes have seen a thousand times. Combined with a design that lacks pop or distinction, and here we have yet another energy shot you will never bother picking up.

The wonderful (and sarcastically so) scent of chalk and vitamins billow out of the narrow opening, honey yellow with a thinner viscosity. The taste? Grab a chaser, my choice Diet A&W Root Beer. The "Tropical Burst" flavor is a bust, banished in favor of an intense sourness, gooey thick peach notes and viscid mouthfeel. One does not drink this for its complexity on the tongue, but should be allowed to consume freely without the aid of another beverage. Eventually I could swallow without my chaser, discovering the decided lack of any aftertaste and that this experience is not that bad. It is not great by any means, heck it is far from good, but it is not that bad. There you go, SportMax, you can quote me on this. I fully expect to see something like "... it is not that bad- the Caffeine King" on your website.

There is one area the product does not exactly skimp out on: the buzz. Although we have seen more than 140 milligrams of caffeine in a two ounce shot, it is not a shabby amount, and at least they say the quantity explicitly on the bottle. Each also contains: taurine, every B vitamin, inositol, CoQ10, choline chloride, and L-arginine. The boost lasted three hours or so, hitting fast and hard, but is nothing we have not already experienced. To end, SportMax is a middling energy shot, preforming optimally only with its kick.

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Anonymous said...

I did not agree at all with your review. 1. Encouraging anyone to take diet soda (aspartame) shows the lack of knowledge you have. 2. You did not mention how this product has the correct form of b12 (methc) which is extremely important for health and absorption 3. You did not mention how this product does not have any garbage nasty preservatives like all the others do. Strange, it's almost like you have a bias, or agenda here..

Anonymous said...

I also totally disagree with your review. It sounds like maybe you get compensated by a brand to knock the others. I've been using for workouts for the last few months. It gives me a perfect boost for better workouts and I like the ingredients being better for my health than other energy shots that I would not take for workouts.

Christian L

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