Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rockstar Pure Zero Punched Energy Drink Review

Now this is what I am talkin' 'bout. Or at least, what was discussed in its sister drink's review, Silver Ice. Your eyes instantly see the red logo, then the star icon, then to the flavor. It is an example of can design not necessarily at its finest, but certainly for the line.

Sweet with a radiant tartness, the deadened taste of cherry and guava shine above its pungent effervescence. Lime is present under the guise of the latter's idiosyncrasies, the citrus providing just depth to an experience that thrives in its own immature humbleness. This a fruit punch so basic and pure that with each sip the tongue revels in the childhood memories that this potation instantly evokes. Nothing new to taste here, but its brilliance lies explicitly in its unadulterated conventionalism. Considering the declining quality of the omnipresent Rockstar line, a pure flavor makes this beverage one not to remember the taste itself, but remember to buy it again.

Each can contains: caffeine (160mg), B vitamins, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and milk thistle extract. The blend is basic, but it works, if a three hourish buzz is all that is desired. To end, Pure Zero Punched is good, pretty good for an energy drink but damn good for a Rockstar.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta say, since going low-carb, these are my go-to energy drink. I love the slight burn with the first sip, and the energy stays with me for a good 4 hrs. The flavor of the punch is good as well. I drink a couple a week. I buy them at our local KumNGo 3 for $5...a good bargain.

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