Monday, September 30, 2013

Wired Passion Fruit Energy Drink Review

This is a pretty stock looking energy drink, but there is no denying how well the pink pops off of the blackness, as do the otherwise insignificant flames. But being identical to every other member of the line has this can falling to the same issues, namely the prolix name and other pleonastic text.

The can cracks open without hesitation, reeking of NOS' trademark stink. Taste-wise, there is the artificial passion fruit promised, with the expected synthetic sweetener bite, but also some unanticipated chalky tartness. It is nothing offensive, but the calcium provides that latter unpleasantry that proves too much in anything but small sips, inhibiting one from really noticing the otherwise mundane fruit-esque flavor. Wait, did I not just initiate that sentence by declaring the taste as being not that bad, only to close with jeer? I must be going crazy- oh wait, no, I am just tippling Wired Passion Fruit; the drink that makes no sense to the palate.

To an energy-junkie, there is nothing exciting here: caffeine (ninety four milligrams), aloe, inositol, taurine, green tea, and B vitamins. The kick is next to none-existent, perking up only the easily influenced for less than an hour and a half. To end, Wired Passion Fruit is a dry, wry, and bitterly boring beverage.

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Kim Gibson said...

Very interesting flavour for energy drink.Can't wait to try.

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