Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bawls Guarana Orange Review

Bawls is back with another soft drink-inspired flavor, this time orange and the second one after their estimable root beer variety. Its glass bottle continues to feel fabulous in the palm, heavy but grips well with its studded circumference. It is a cleaner design than most, the clear glass cruet allows for the phosphorescent liquid to tell your eyes the flavor without the need of much text.

Sweetness is king in this ten ounce offering, a strong saccharinity never syrupy despite its high fructose corn syrup purity. Perhaps what destroys any slimy texture is the rough effervescence; it is of the curtest carbonation, waking up your tongue and perfectly setting the stage for its flavor. That flavor is orange of course, a relentless imitation of the fruit, each splash of the unyielding liquid painting palates with citrus unsulliedness. Depth is disregarded for a greater citrus concentration, each sip tasting the same as the last and the one upcoming. A tempered tartness eases none of the flavor exclusivity, an experience ignorant of those who thirst for something more diverse as their potation of choice. Doesn't sound like you? Yeah, it doesn't sound like me either.

Guarana, sixty four milligrams of caffeine and thirty three grams of sugar is all we get from this pop, but for the likes of Mtn Dew and Surge drinkers, that is enough. To end, Bawls Guarana Orange's simplicity is meritable, but will not change the opinion of those who do not reach for Sunkist or Fanta from the cooler.

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