Saturday, March 28, 2015

Peak Energy Fresh Mint Review

For a packaging keeping two nickle-sized candies safe, Peak Energy Fresh Mint's sachet gives the pieces too much wiggle room, being larger than a credit card. They are going to bump and bruise each other in a wrapping this loose and this large, however its protracted size keeps things visually clean, with never too much text to busy the blue and black paper pouch.

The matte disks have the brand branded into their faces, very lightweight and smooth mints. They hold their shape well in your mouth, however their previously sleek body melts into a bumpy coin of potent peppermint. The latter is truly a sight; it is nearly bitter, dextrose and sucralose & ace k sweetening feebly for a flavor so persuasive. Its lack of complementary saccharinity extends beyond taste, crafting an unsatisfying snap as you bite into the brittle tablet. The pungent pucks pack too much flavor to compensate for the caffeine, or so it seems. I would not mind four smaller, less puissant morsels with a weaker buzz.

Each mint shines with a hundred milligrams of caffeine, some D-ribose, and B vitamins. Easily the best characteristic here, two pieces imbues in a kick fast, one lasting three plus hours. Keeping up their rock-solid performance is the lack of any crash. In the end, Peak Energy Fresh Mints need to dial back its raucous peppermintiness from an eleven. Otherwise, things are pretty good.

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