Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tornado Ice Energy Drink Review

Back is the gnarly plastic bottle with a replaceable cap, but that continues to be the only area the Tornado brand succeeds: too much real estate is black, empty space fitted with a tiny logo and an underwhelming twister theme. Do tornadoes exist in winter time? The answer is a quick Google search away, but I should not be asking myself that when there is an energy drink in hand.

There is a lot of citrus here, an experience considerably more unique than its Red Bull pretending predecessor- unique, but not tastier. Grapefruit and lemon dominate but disappoint in this fruit salad, flavors fuliginous with little in the way of honesty. Lime, melon and orange join the umbrageous union, produce pushed into the darkness by a diet-destroying fifty nine grams of sugar; giving each already confused sip a heavy and gooey lamination of unsought saccharinity. Undesired dulcitude quickly cloys and clumps together in the back of your throat, further dissimulating the shoal salmagundi. Effervescence is equally mundane, a flat carbonation that engenders the existing stagnant mouthfeel. Overall, Tornado Ice may not be a lamentable Red Bull clone like its relative, but it is lamentable.

Each bottle contains: some B vitamins, taurine, and 142 milligrams of caffeine. Any energy lasts no longer than two hours, an uninspired and unimpressive buzz for something with so much sugar. On the whole, Tornado Ice is almost "so-bad-it's-good." Right now, it is just "so-bad."

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Brad Porter said...

This flavor to me tasted like cleansers. The Tornado Active was the only one of three flavors of the Tornado Energy brand I liked.

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