Thursday, May 7, 2015

Root 9 Panax Red Vitality Drink Review

Root 9 comes in two flavors, Red and Gold, a naming convention more like cigarettes than energy- wait, I mean vitality, drinks. Aside from the meager, and internet purported, fifty milligrams of caffeine, this twelve ounce can masquerades as your typical energy beverage. It is at least cleanly designed, but its oracular artifice is more confusing than effective.

Lightly tumbled, this carbonated potation has a terrific bite; a sour, earthy kick that balances the thin line between bitter and piquant. Its acidity is puckering and bodes brilliantly to the experience's relaxed saccharinity, accomplished with sucralose and ace-k. The sugar system's own chemical acridness is guised almost impressively by the coarse tartness, with minimal aftertaste tasted through the resilient acerbity. With all those sentences, it is hard to forget we have yet to discuss the potable's actual taste, which is a tenebrous blend of inchoate fruits muddled together and buried well beneath the citric sharpness. The ginseng and green tea makes every sip a polysemous mix of produce, the inconspicuous citrus and bleary berry flavors proving decidedly less interesting than the homey acidulousness.

Each can contains: the aforementioned quantity of caffeine, B vitamins, vitamin C, and 500 milligrams of red ginseng. Any energy derived is minor, a buzz lasting unexcitingly under an hour. In the end, Root 9 Panax Red's flavor deserves more potency and more explicit gimmick.

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