Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mtn Dew Sangrita Blast Review

Another former Taco Bell soda exclusive, Sangrita Blast can now be bought at your local mega mart. Its can is standard for a soda, however this Dew version is a pinkish red with some urban graphics and unnecessary text underneath the variety's name.

Its flavor lacks much of the "Dew" the brand is somehow famous for, with an overreliance on an indistinct, bedimmed brew of cherry, guava and orange. Any of the company's trademark taste is restricted to a sluggish lime and lemon bite, weighed down by the beverage's heavy sugary syrupiness. It is a dissonant experience, one with a porcine dulcitude but gossamery taste; your palate is coated by a dense film of sugar but with little flavor inside. Tartness and nuance is exchanged for sordid saccharinity, HFCS and sucrose makes the forty three grams seem like an underestimate. The effervescence is truly disturbing; perfunctory carbonation that languishes on your tongue, seemingly fizzing out before it can even transport the supine savors from the can to your trembling tongue.

Each can contains: a lot of sugar, 160 calories, and fifty four grams of caffeine. Its terrible taste is not worth the belt-breaking carbohydrates, although this is nothing new for the brand. Overall, Mtn Dew Sangrita Blast is just another misguided and ignoble release.

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mcjoshua said...

You should try the fountain version at Taco Bell and see if you like it better.

Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant and this is the closest thing to a sangria I can have. LoVe the frozen version at Taco Bell. I think you should try TBs fountain or frozen version. Nothing misguided or ignoble.

Anonymous said...

Yor a shit stain i f u dont like this mate> FUck off

Misty Fox said...

Someone's been spending a lot of time with his thesaurus.

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