Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hydrive Black Cherry Energy Drink Review

Trading some childish text for too much text, Hydrive Black Cherry is a beautiful vermilion color hardly seen behind its Brobdingnagian label. It is mostly attractive, with plenty of sultry black and interesting dotted background, but becomes lost as it erroneously believes words like "formula" and "caffeine" are necessary.

Not unlike the best cheep beers, our first swig somehow does not stun with zero taste, an avalanche of watery nothingness. It is expected and as refreshing as bottled water gets, but almost instantly the deepest of fruit flavors dye the former flood blandness and kick your jaw to the floor. Equal parts maraschino and rum cherry, every quaff exploits a paradisiacal balance between playful saccharinity and impassioned tartness. It is sweet while honoring the "black" in its name, sucrose and sucralose behaving and blending in a faultless textbook fashion. Its tenacious texture is provocative on the palate while never growing cloying or unwelcome, its viscidness somewhat grainy yet somehow silky. Has this Hydrive been reformulated since I last praised its taste years ago? I do not know, but I am still praising it.

Each bottle contains: B vitamins, yerba mate, taurine, and 195 milligrams of caffeine. The kick is better than most in of the line, lasting almost four hour long and of equal strength to many of its competitors. On the whole, any of my complaints of Hydrive Black Cherry are niggling.

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