Thursday, July 2, 2015

Arnold Palmer Drive Performance Energy Drink Review

This tall black can sports the golf-legend proudly, his name written in cursive and at an angle. "Drive" is tossed below it, insinuating, alongside the lower "performance," that this is Arizona's next entry into the energy drink market. It is not necessarily an ugly can, however kids drink the brand's drinks, and there is minimal difference at first glance to warn of this libation's caffeine content.

This fifteen and a half-ounce potation sips smoothly but with zero pizzazz; the tea lacking any bitter depth, and the lemonade missing almost all its sourness. What we are left with about two cups of uninteresting water, only the faintest tartness to the even weaker citrusness and the weakest tea taste. A puny twenty three grams of sugar is here, sweetening without conviction and becoming lost in all the tepid wateriness. Ten percentage of juice proves to not be nearly enough, a distracted, distant pulpiness gives each forced mouthfeel too clean of a texture; where is the weight or the diversity? Overall, Arnold Palmer Drive about sums up what is so wrong about canned Arnold Palmers.

Each can contains: caffeine (120 milligrams), guarana, acai querticin, B vitamins and green tea. For almost a sixteen ounce potable, the ingredient-cocktail is paltry; brewing a buzz lasting roughly an hour and a half, only. To end, Arnold Palmer Drive is an interesting but completely misguided excuse of an energy drink.

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