Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thunder Healthy High Voltage Energy Drink Review

Thunder's can never makes me think of actual thunder. It is black with a lot of silver and some grey, but what does that have to do with the sound caused by lightning? Rain drops pepper the aluminum, with what I guess is a lightning bolt interior, but that is just speculation.

Our first sip of this flippant elixir is predominately passive tastes of grapefruit and lime. They are neighboring flavors tasted parallel but are never braided, each aromas its own and saves the experience from succumbing to the common indistinctness of your usual punch. A subjacent pool of raspberry complements the skyward citruses, perhaps with some cranberry approximately present, fruit providing a little more depth to all the sourness than anticipated. The puckering produce is almost awkwardly tart despite their sufficient sugariness however. Sucralose and ace-k promote one of their better showings, a sweetness assiduously attempting with every sip to fool the palate that the simulacrum saccharinity is honest cane sugar; an effort unsuccessful but appreciated. Overall, Thunder's flavor is a frequent flavor done decently here.

Each can contains: ten calories, caffeine (eighty milligrams), green tea, and B vitamins. The kick is debatably "healthy" due to artificial sugars, and is far from "high voltage" with an ingredient cocktail like this. If you have ever had a similarly sized drink, you should be familiar with its hour long buzz. To end, Thunder shatters no expectations, but fortunately not your waistline.

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