Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Verve Zero Sugar Energy Drink Review

White and silver introduce this small can to unwelcoming eyes, a color scheme who's diet nature is focused far too heavily on. It is identical in design to the other in the line, however this time things are uninterestingly pale and lacks the excitement an energy drink should have.

Effluvious odors pour out soon after a yank of the pull tab, chalky and heavy as it leaves far from a decent impression. This is a diet drink and every gulp is a constant reminder; stevia cannot mask the organic nastiness and even adds its own. For eight ounces we suffer through the leadened tastes of distrait orange and syrupy vanilla, and awkward blending of flavors awkwardly blended. Each sip has musty vitamin notes, a polluting suggestion that weighs heavy on the already bogged down experience. Icing on this cardboard cake is its planate effervescence, a stagnant carbonation that adds another level of leveled insipidity. Overall, Verve Zero Sugar has zero things going for it.

Ingredients include: caffeine (eighty milligrams), A, many B, and C vitamins, green tea, taurine, inositol, and many other ingredients. Its squalid taste obviously suffers from the myriad of minerals, a risky move that only results in an hour long buzz. To end, if Verve Zero Sugar continues their exclusive focus on functionality over flavor, they are going to need more caffeine.

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