Monday, June 8, 2015

Exhale Green Appletini Energy Drink Review

A Big Lots buy, in case its bizarre, twelve ounce shrink-wrapped can did not already scream it. Loaded with stock images of cityscapes and women, one a silhouette and another smoking a cigarette, its lack of a conventional energy drink theme makes for one of the most interesting, but not good, designs seen this year.

I do not know what is so "-tini" about this; it is just an old fashioned apple soda. A lot of Granny Smith and McIntosh coat the tongue in this crystalline green syrup, with some Golden Delicious nuance for good measure. There are likely others somewhere in any sip, buried deep in the thin nectar under the weight of the former. Despite the ternary varieties of the autumn cultivated fruits, any depth is surface level and gulps are clean and uncomplicated, requiring no thought outside remembering to swallow. The experience is fairly tart yet gently sweet, or at least not as sweet as its sixty three grams suggests. AMP tried last year with an apple drink, and its flavor failed pretty hard. Exhale here? It is mostly a success.

Each can contains: 250 calories, B vitamins, vitamin C, caffeine, and taurine. There is a pretty great sugar rush, but certainly something of a crash two hours after. In the end, Exhale Green Appletini Energy Drink is a weird one, not bad but the rest of the beverage does not live up to the can's craziness.

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