Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rockstar Lime Freeze Energy Drink Review

The florescent green backdrop and white electric swirl detail jumps off of the shelf more so than most, and keeps the eyes flowing from the brand to the flavor to the ounces effortlessly. That is not to say the can is flawless, because it is not. The secondary color of the logo blends into the background, and the name "Lime Freeze" does not need to be explained further by big black "Frozen Lime" text.

For the flavor, expect a pale imitation of the company's superannuated Punched Citrus variety of years past; drown in the bathetic lime and tiresome tartness itself tired. The fruit tastes without legitimacy, a breathtakingly unalacritous impersonation with a most tacky texture and onerous saccharinity. Each sip coats your mouth in agglutinative aridity, a gooey sap that makes every sip a Sisyphean struggle; a bromidic battle through the amaranthine saccharinity of sixty two grams of sugar and the invariably paced sixteen ounces. And even after each of every injudicious and jejune gulp is shoved down your throat, your saliva stained in the incessant staleness. I typically am biased towards lime flavored energy drinks, but does this Rockstar ever disappoint.

For all the sugar and 280 calories, we get only 160 milligrams of caffeine. This formulates an underwhelming three hours kick, jittery and ending with one hell of a crash. There is also: taurine, guarana, inositol, ginseng, and milk thistle. On the whole, Rockstar Lime Freeze is an unworthy addition to a line almost exclusively of unworthy additions.

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