Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Starbucks Doubleshot Spiced Vanilla Energy Coffee Review

2016 appears to the year for brand resurrection, now this time both the Starbucks line and its Doubleshot sub-line. Its can follows the basic brand template, and appears to be an update of the original "Vanilla" variety, reviewed here seven years ago. It is a clean design, telling consumers its coffee origins, flavor, and brand with a quick glance. However, the bright red belt at the top, and the circle towards the bottom, have little place on the can except to bring attention to its flavor and contained supplements.

Three grams of fat, half saturated, craft a shockingly creamy first sip, and the fattiness never lets go and who's only flaw could be how unrelentless it is. Its flavor is an even bigger success; sure, it tastes like your typical vanilla, but there is an ill-defined zest to it, redolent of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, with some slight nuttiness nestled beneath it all. The coffee is the weakest link, lost inside the lardaceous mouthfeel and ambrosial spiciness. Its slight bitterness is the bean's best facet, synthesizing seductively with the spiced spice sapor. Usually these fat-sodden "coffee" drinks do not fare well here on the Caffeine King, however, this one takes a vivacious, rich, and tasty approach.

Each can contains: B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, taurine, inositol, ginseng, guarana, and caffeine. There is also 200 calories and twenty nine grams of sugar. The kick lasts as long as any drink of comparable size, lasting two hours, maybe more. To end, Spiced Vanilla provides renascent interest in the previously platitudinous Starbucks line.

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