Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Liquid Ice Orange Energy Drink Review

A creamy blast of bright orange, divided by orange and black text and margaritaceous trim, this freshly devulgated Liquid Ice never explicitly mentions its flavor; we can assume its full name is "Liquid Ice Orange," considering the can's coloring, but that is to assume we are not color blind. Otherwise, the aluminum transport is small, typical of Red Bull and most drinks a decade ago.

Twenty eight grams of sugar, real sugar, sweeten with the cloying weight one pines for in an orange soda. It is not syrupy but does clog the back of your throat with the few imbibes the eight ounce can offers, but in the thick, ooey gooey fashion your typical can of the soda-pop is foreseen to contain. Orange, perhaps a rounded edge of tangerine and its accompanying derived tartness, are all the flavors the flavor needs; an experience so innocent yet never invariable. Nethermost is a minor nuance of pineapple, about the only vegetation implication the bullet can contains, animating a tasty tropical soupcon that almost ends up breaking the stolid simplicity of the small sized beverage. Every sip is steeped in effervescence,  a bubbly elixir which augments each gulp's revivifying quality; perhaps too bright for an early morning coffee replacement.

Each can contains: taurine, caffeine, inositol, and B vitamins. The buzz is a boring hour and a half long one; about what you expect from a drink of this size. To end, Liquid Ice Orange's best characteristic is its taste- like all in the line, it is fantastic. Otherwise, it has an uncreative can and corporate kick.

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