Monday, May 9, 2016

Red Bull The Summer Edition Kiwi Twist Energy Drink Review

The bare aluminum is pleasant on the fun green background, Red Bull's next "Edition," although one not named after a color. Its full name is "Red Bull The Summer Edition Kiwi Twist," a tiringly garrulous name, one who should have just been called "Red Bull Kiwi." On a more positive note, the drink continues the company's increase from eight to twelve ounces. Yeah, looks like we are scraping the bottom of the barrel for positives here.

"The taste of kiwi- artificially flavored." That is the description located on the back of the twelve ounce can, and humorously describes everything right and wrong with it. The drink is peripherally kiwi flavored, a predominantly superfluous soupcon to an acetous and nectarous experience. The green fruit barely breaks free from the charming carbonation, almost appearing explicit, only to collapse underneath all of the bubbles, and finally sink in the swamp of saccharine sourness. Sucrose and glucose are Red Bull's go-to sugars, thirty eight grams who sweeten without resulting in a nasty syrupy climax, however, that would have likely acted more as intricacy rather than indignation in this dimensionless potation. The tartness is the best thing here, a whimsically acidic bite at tickles the entire tongue and promises more fun than the fruit flavor itself ever delivers. Overall, although almost refreshing, there is not much of any kiwi twist to Kiwi Twist.

The buzz is your basic one, you know, the one that lasts about an hour and a half. Each can contains: caffeine (114 milligrams), taurine, and B vitamins. To end, Red Bull The Summer Edition Kiwi Twist is a long-winded, mostly flavorless, impotent energy drink.

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