Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon Energy Drink Review

This luminous vermilion can reminds drinkers of its watermelon flavor, well, the fruit's flesh actually. With the rind of the produce being a two-toned green color, the design's ruthless exclusivity of red, black, and silver (and, alright, there is some white), burns the boring color palette into your eyes with every glace you give it. My advice, have a blind friend pick you up a can.

For a drink with no sugar, this Rockstar sure is sweet! Erythritol, ace-k and sucralose do the sugaring here, doing a curiously strong job for an experience as saccharine as a John Hughes film. The synthetic honey has only the most trivial trace of its artificiality, with its petite weight being what really trips up the counterfeit carbohydrate cocktail; just hold a bag of Splenda and a bag of cane sugar, and you will see what I mean. The juicy and usually seeded fruit is the flavor here, derived from all natural sources but without any actual juices, not significantly dissimilar from the Amp line's attempt last year. Every imbibe is buoyant, aided by the ersatz cassonade, which helps each gulp resemble the summertime favorite. But the inexorable sweetness wears your tongue down raw, and combined with the beverage's general dearth of acidity, this Rockstar proves that not every energy drink should be the standard sixteen ounces.

Each can contains: caffeine (240 milligrams), inositol, milk thistle, ginseng, guarana, and B vitamins. The content content of my namesake chemical has your body forgiving and forgetting your tongue's lust for real sugar, a buzz lasting a smooth four hours. Overall, this Rockstar proves that watermelons should just be left to Gallagher.

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