Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shock Wave Orange Mango Energy Drink Review

Slightly textured, dully orange and packed with uninspired black swirls and dots, this Shock Wave design is wearing thin and fast. On the back, above the nutrition facts, it is discovered that this is fifty percent juice- yet why the front of the aluminum transport does not mention this is an error in basic design. What some health conscious drinkers look for, what could be the beverage's biggest bout of individuality is lost in the pennies saved by hiring that low-rent graphic designer.

A powdery mouthfeel, a tickling tartness, and a sweetness about as perfect as only twenty grams can get; this fifty percent juice potable is the best tasting Shock Wave yet. The can calls for white grape and pear as leading vegetation in the equation, but your tongue will taste only the mango and the orange; the duo orchestrated into a single flavor with the depth of two. The nectar cocktail has the weight anticipated from the sizable quantity of fruit extract, but its effervescence lightens every imbibe into a sudsy elixir of innocent innocuousness, a potation perfect for a warm summer day. Sugar from the fruits, dextrose, and sucralose cause a sweetener system of only twenty grams and ninety calories, a sugar strategy never syrupy or particularly heavy, but one serendipitously with enough heft.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, and a paltry 100 milligrams of caffeine. The buzz is a disappointment considering its fun flavor, almost as if the company was forced to choose between delivering power or taste. In the end, Shock Wave Orange Mango is cheap enough that a purchase, solely for the tongue, is not a bad buy. But as an energy drink, what the front of the can hails this as, it is a disappointment.

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