Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gold Emblem Select Mocha Latte Energy Energy Coffee Review

Direct from CVS Pharmacy's clearance rack, here is their house brand energy coffee: Gold Emblem Select Mocha Latte, costing me a mere seventy four or so cents. Its all lowercase style, and svelte font, are among the highlights here. On the flip side (or the lowlights?), the gold emblem for its brand name is not as shiny as it could, or rather should, a description that struggles to differentiate itself from the already loquacious name, all on a bland brown gradient.

For two hundred and eighty calories, fifty grams of sugar and three grams of fat, every sip to this generic cooler is diluted beyond relief and belief. Sweetness is dead, derived from exclusively from real sugar, and there is quite a lot of it, but none of that appears on the tongue, destroyed by the aquatic torment and the stannic vexation. Mocha and coffee, two fantastic savors on their own and usually better tasted together, are two you sip fifteen ounces looking for, suffering every ounce of the way there. There is bitterness to every sip, a distant astringency with the tinny taste of the can more so than the brewed bean beverage, leaving a metallic aftertaste that even all the wateriness does not wash away. Overall, with all enjoyment cleansed in the cascade of banal Adam's ale, this generic coffee drink is an experience corrupt by water.

Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, and V vitamins; all in mystery quantities. The kick is mostly from sugar, your usual two hour buzz who could have used a more consistent chemical cocktail. To end, Gold Emblem Select Mocha Latte is exactly what you expect a poor generic energy coffee to look, taste, and kick like.

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