Friday, June 10, 2016

Monster Ultra Black Energy Drink Review

Here we have yet another "Ultra" Monster drink, their spinoff line of sugar free drinks in textured cans. Flavor wise, the line has been pretty decent, however this is the umpteenth variety, and that once unique coarse can is now just an anticipated gimmick. Dear Monster, instead of exploiting your last idea, work on your next.

There have been many terrific black cherry energy drinks, so Monster has some really tough competition. But the first sip has been taken, and competition, you need not worry. The word "Black" in the name encourages the notion that this is a "black cherry" flavored drink. Hell, I would have even bet money on that. Well, I guess I did, seeing that I bought a can. What we get, though, is an artificial, ice-cream topping cherry taste that is far more childish than the sleek aluminum transport suggests. The lack of any true sugar sacrifices the hefty mouthfeel the lusted and supplements callous carbonation, numbing the namesake by the diet sixteen ounce's resolute effervescence and artificial saccharinity. There is more cranberry and blackberry than expected, padding flavors who dilute the niche cherry into something more commercial, questioning the point of even making a purported "cherry" focused drink if they just deliquesce it for marketability. The two berries are not too shabby however; they add some much desired tartness nuance to an otherwise stale experience. The trilogy of fruits make up a decent flavor here, but it fails to encourage as much excitement as the Bing brand does so effortlessly.

Each can contains: caffeine (137 milligrams), taurine, ginseng, l-carnitine, guarana, and inositol. There are also some B vitamins thrown in for nutrition. The buzz is your standard Monster "Ultra" kick, lasting an hour and a half, only slightly longer lasting than your usual eight ounce drink with the same caffeine content because the larger can doses out petite bursts of the bitter substance over a longer period. All in all, Monster Ultra Black should be left in the darkness.

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Brad Porter said...

I've tried this recently & it didn't taste like cherries to me. It was still good.

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