Thursday, July 28, 2016

MiO Energy Iced Mocha Java Review

After years in hibernation, the MiO line is back with new flavors, one of them being Iced Mocha Java. Here, instead of squeezing drops into just water, milk is suggested on the side of the small bottle. The idea is certainly unique, but with its packaging remaining relatively unchanged since we saw it last, the design continues to be consolidated and congested.

One percent fat milk and one squeeze render a pale Caucasian color and not the deep brown goodness anticipated. First sip is pretty good, however, with the milk adding enough fattiness and freshness to every imbibe, with the single drop adding some distant coffee infusion and more prominent sweetness, more of a diluted concoction of chocolate milk and coffee milk, rather than mocha coffee. Two squirts births a significantly more potent coffee taste, with a more nuanced mocha niceness and a pleasant bitter underbelly. Unfortunately, the fructose, sucralose and ace-k, the sweetener trilogy here, becomes overwhelmingly artificial here despite top billing by an actual sugar. It clogs your palate and requires another sip just to wash away the synthetic stain, only for it to return with that gulp. But more unsavory is the coffee itself; it tastes obviously from concentrate, and lacks honesty, depth or distinction from your parents dusty tin of pre-ground discount robusta beans. Eight ounces of water and one dose resembles ice tea more so than coffee. Taste wise, the water overpowers the single drop, adding a flavor that resembles unpurified tap water than your morning cup of joe. Adding another serving renders the cocktail practically undrinkable, with the shockingly artificial flavors found when mixed with milk augmented with the dearth of fatty richness.

Each squeeze is a serving, and contains vitamin B3, B6, B12 and sixty milligrams of caffeine. The kick is decent with enough cups and enough squeezes, but with two squirts, the kick lasts under two hours and fails to sparkle. In the end, MiO Iced Mocha Java is a great idea with a wonky execution.

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